Earth-Friendly Activities

The Talkin’ Monkeys Project incorporates Earth-friendly activities into its daily operations.

We reduce, reuse and recycle whenever and wherever possible – and we love to tell people all about it!

One of our most successful activities has been educating the public on conscious consumerism and recycling by speaking at schools, for private groups, at other nonprofit organizations and during local events, including the annual Big O Birding Festival.

We stress things that each of us – the human population – can do to make a difference. The program introduces concepts such as volunteerism and sustainable living to the students and provides them with a sense of accomplishment and contribution to the Talkin’ Monkeys cause.

One of our favorite projects is the Symbiotic Garden. This garden is planted with seedlings and saplings grown and donated by children from local schools. Students provide seeds, cups, soil and shredded newspaper. They plant the seeds, raise and care for them and, when the plants are ready, the teachers deliver them to the project where they are planted in the garden.   Sometimes we get a crop and sometimes we don’t, but it is the effort that counts…  The point is to show that these plants can help feed our primates, but we encourage our volunteers and visitors to create their own gardens too.  Sustainability is universal and should be a cause we all strive for in our lives.