Mission Statement

The Talkin’ Monkey’s project provides a life-long home for animals that have been rescued from abusive private homes or released from research laboratories and breeding facilities.

Our main focus is to provide a home for these forgotten apes and monkeys while striving to connect people to earth-friendly lifestyles.

At the heart of our mission is the desire to educate children and adults in the care required to provide these animals with a quality environment where they can thrive and enjoy the rest of their lives in comfort and security. We use earth-friendly habits in our every-day operations through recycling, composting, water conservation and eco-friendly gardening.

We are a Service Learning Center for Colleges and Universities worldwide.  It is our desire to cultivate a new generation of environmental activists and help each student to achieve their dreams to work in conservation related fields.

Talkin’ Monkeys is a 501c3 nonprofit sanctuary and we rely on donations and with our own income to provide lifetime homes to our rescued monkeys and apes.

We strive to live within our world in ways that are sustainable, self-sufficient and environmentally responsible.