Species: White-faced capuchin, Cebus capucinus

D.O.B.: March, 1989
Sex: Male

In the Wild: Rocco
History: Rocco had a traumatic life. In 2002, Rocco was rescued from a private home in the Tampa area by officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Officers found that his owners had tried to remove his canine teeth – using pliers. In the process, they broke his jaw in three places as well as his tail and three ribs. When he was rescued, Rocco had been wearing the same diaper for seven weeks and it had stuck to his skin. Because of anxiety and stress, Rocco had plucked nearly all of his hair out.

Today, nearly all of Rocco’s hair has grown back and he is healthy and safe. However, he still has behavioral issues related to his previous abuse and we exercise care in our interactions with him.

Rocco is a great favorite of our volunteers because he greets everyone as they enter the gates with cheers and banging of toys.  He loves men, in particular, but an occasional female is allowed a friendly squeal!