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Species: White-handed or lar gibbon, Hylobates lar
D.O.B.:  April, 1981
Sex: Male

In the Wild: Monkeyboyylobates

History: Monkeyboy came to The Talkin’ Monkeys Project from a breeder who no longer wanted him because he had been Stitches’ mate. Gibbons are monogamous and, without Stitches, he would no longer reproduce.

Today, Monkeyboy and Stitches live together in a habitat that allows them to be together. They’re learning how to negotiate their new-found freedom to be together. The pair is often heard “singing” to each other in the morning, as gibbons are known for the early-morning vocalizations.

Sadly Stitches passed away at the ripe age of 45 just this past month, June, 2016.  Monkey Boy is struggling to discover life without his beloved mate…They were together for more than 20 years…