Species: Black spider monkey, Ateles paniscus
D.O.B.:  December, 2004
Sex: Male

Meet KoanIn the Wild:http://pin.primate.wisc.edu/factsheets/entry/black_spider_monkey

History: Koan came to Talkin’ Monkeys from a breeding facility after he was severely bitten by another monkey. He had septicemia and was going to be euthanized when Talkin’ Monkeys got the phone call about his health. Thanks to a neo-natologist, who treated him for this severe infection, Koan survived.

Today, Koan shows no ill effects of his early traumas now. Despite recently losing his friend Kelpie to a kidney problem, he is slowly recovering from his depression..  Fortunately, our donors stepped up and helped us purchase some zoo quality enrichments including a  very sturdy mirror which he engages daily.  He even tries to sing with his gibbon friends in the mornings, though his song is more of a bark!