Species: White-handed lar gibbon, Hylobates Lar
D.O.B.: August, 2008
Sex:  Male

History:  Jing Jing Dobby was born here at the sanctuary to our elderly couple
Dobby of gibbons, Monkey Boy and Stitches.  Ironically, his parents were scheduled to be culled, after they were unable to produce live offspring for more than five years.  The thought was, that at 36 years of age, Stitches was past the age of producing offspring when she surprised us in August with little Dobby.  The advanced age of his mother allowed only six days of bonding and motherhood before Stitches lost her milk and it was necessary to separate mother and son.  Dobby became “Jing Jing Dobby” because he regularly bounces up and down repeatedly as he plays.