Hello All,

Fortunately, the dreadful heat is abating and more reasonable temperatures have arrived. The apes and monkeys are all feeling their oats with the cooler temperatures and are very active and very vocal. Webster has a very distinctive call and serenades us beautifully. At least we all think it is beautiful…others maybe not so much. Some of our neighbors noticed the new and very different voice and actually called to ask if we had a new resident. So Webster has had a parade of neighbors coming to meet him. The fun part is detecting who is calling when the chorus starts. We are thinking of having a contest to see who recognizes the various voices.

Koan, our spider monkey male, still thinks he can sing as well as the gibbons and we try to feed him a lot to make him stop. I keep trying to tell him that there are not enough 5 gallon buckets on the property to hold his off key notes… He is not impressed with my candor…oh well.

We are officially setting up the new cages for Webster and Dobby’s new habitat on Saturday, November 21, starting around 8 AM and would appreciate any and all the help we can get. Necessary tools are muscle, time and socket wrenches if you have them. These corn crib style cages are put together with a huge amount of nuts and bolts! Lunch will be provided and good times with all of the apes and monkeys as usual!

Hopefully, this will be a more comfortable weather day! It is not high summer for this installation, so the temperature should be more comfortable than for the last cage raising we did, (Koan and Kelpie’s cage!). We hope to see some of you then…or before if your schedules allow. If you aren’t able to do the physical work with the cages, you are still welcome to help with the feeding and enrichments for the primates that day. The crew here all look forward to your visits, as do we.

Please let us know if you can make it. Thank you all again for your support.