Fall Update: Wow!! Where do we begin?

1. I guess we need to tell everyone that Dobby is doing well and growing like a weed. He is now 14 weeks old and last week, our friend and photographer, Marc Ellis was out and took some new photos of him:
He is sitting up, starting to brachiate on a very low level and talks/sings! Some of you have seen him and followed his growth. Some of you will be able to follow his growth by pictures…

2. The next new thing is that today Tang was introduced to Chi Chi and it has gone fabulously. They have been interacting with and observing each other for over four months and the last four weeks, they have interacted and groomed each other through a single panel of wire. Today, we allowed them to meet without wire between them and they hugged and both smiled and made that lovely little “E-T-T-T” noise, which accompanies the smile. They wrestled gently, chased each other and then lay down and groomed each other. It was great. Four of us observed them for two hours and there was no untoward behavior and we checked them all afternoon and they were still together.
Hope is totally happy to have her cage all to herself! I actually allowed her to meet Dobby and she licked him and groomed him…so the next stage will be set because we will continue to let her see Dobby and interact with him while he grows up…in 18 months or so they can actually start interacting…another phase…

3. We also have confirmed we are going to have a booth at the Swamp Cabbage Festival! Last year they had over 50,000 people there and we had to be on a waiting list to get an available spot! We are going to sell out T-shirts, hats, bags and our newest item MONKEY ART!! We have begun helping the monkeys and apes to create their own paintings. No Picassos so far, but they are not bad and the uniqueness of the paintings will appeal, we hope. Each painting will also have a photo of the primate artist and a short story about them on the back of each one. Every one of the volunteers who come will help us with these paintings…so wear old clothes!! The paint is non-toxic and the canvas boards are in many different sizes. It is messy, but the paint is washable…but to be on the safe side, we are warning you ahead of time to wear old clothes that can be stained! It is an experience!!
Monkey Art!

4. We have purchased the panels to build a tower for Monkey Boy and Stitches and will create a 4’x12’x12’ tower attached by a 24 foot chute to the main cage. We will build this after the first of the year. We may be adding a chute and tower for Hope also if we can afford it since she has lost her tower access now with Tang and Chi Chi becoming a pair.

So, please keep the monkeys and apes in your thoughts and visit them when you can and wear old clothes so you can help them create masterpieces!


Debbie M.